About Steiron

STEIRON PTE LTD is an industrial and commercial company, a leader in the Asian markets and in constant growth that operates worldwide in the steel industry, building projects, engineering consulting and procurement processes for the oil industry. Founded in 2010 and we are headquartered in Singapore. STEIRON accounts, partnering with manufacturers throughout the world to supply the products to the construction and processing industries. STEIRON boasts business operations in over 54 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Americas.

Supply Chain

Our procurement team has extensive experience in the development of effective supplychain to reduce the cost of aquisition. With their knowledge, every detail is executed, including development of aquisition programs to all materials equipment, services, etc. Our team is also expert in outsourced services, examination of the capacity of subcontractors to comply with specifications of projects and schedule requirements, coordination of inspections, etc. Our company offers wide range of products and services for the construction industry.

The STEIRON Spirit

Our strength is what unites us. In STEIRON we combines the experience with the search for innovation and achievement of high yields. Our Staff is committed to our vision and motivate STEIRON spirit to their passion for excellence, innovation for the benefit of our clients, diversity and empowerment of each one of our team.

Quality Control

All our cooperating steel mills are selected based on stringent quality requirements and a long working history. We work with some of the largest steel makers in China, S.Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, etc., which enables us to deliver reliable and consistent material specifications and grades.

We provide Mill Test Certificates (MTC) and heat number information, which can be directly traceable with Mills for product quality testing and confirmation.

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