Steiron is a fast growing and leading industrial trading company that operates worldwide in steel, building materials and Engineered OEM products & sourcing services.

The Company has operations worldwide with several sales and representative offices and partnering with several manufacturing plants all over the world. Founded in 2010 and the company is headquartered in Singapore.

Our procurement team is exceptionally experienced in developing effective supply chains to minimize procurement cost. In their competent hands, every critical detail is well executed, including: development of procurement schedules for all materials, equipment, services etc. Our team is also expert in outsourcing subcontracted services, meticulous evaluation of suppliers, subcontractor’s ability to comply with project specifications & schedule demands, coordination of inspections, etc. The company offers a wide range of products and services for construction industry.

Also, as passionate specialists in our field, we pro-actively share our knowledge with our esteemed clients. We have many products for many applications. Since we believe selecting and applying the right products makes a major difference on the final result we put an extra effort in training our customers and end users how to get to the best results. 



To be the global source for building materials and professional engineering services


  • We value our customers, the reason of our being;
  • We provide quality products and services and we value change, innovation and efficiency;
  • We develop our people to achieve global excellence;
  • We ensure our share holders’ profitability of their investment;
  • We build a strong partnership with our creditors and suppliers;
  • We serve our community and we influence people to protect the environment;
  • We uphold corporate value and culture, and work for results;
  • We are competitors’ leading benchmark